Specialty Finance

RCA has exclusively partnered with 11 Capital Finance to expand its Specialty Finance Division. Our niche is commercial real estate loans for borrowers that are not bankable, or the type of deal they are looking to do is not something their bank is willing to lend. We do not specialize in bank loans. A borrower always wants to approach their bank first to see if they can assist. If not, that is when they should come to us, which is called secondary market lending. 

Reasons Why Borrowers Come To Us: 

• Claiming losses on tax returns and therefore cannot prove to the bank they can debt service the loan. 

• Not filing tax returns for whatever reason. 

• Cash businesses that cannot prove to the bank they can debt service a loan (not claiming cash). 

• Self-employed and do not have well-documented income. 

• Tax lien on the property. 

• IRS issues/liens that need to be settled. 

• Cash out on a property to buy other properties. Cash out in general. 

• A borrower needs a fast close in 30 days or less and is unable to work with the long drawn out bank process, loan committees, and extensive documents that are required to close. 

• Buying a property that is vacant or is a “value add” situation that is not generating enough cash flow currently for a bank to lend.