Commercial Real Estate

RCA invests in commercial real estate through its wholly owned subsidiary, Century Ridge Capital Partners (CRCP). We leverage proprietary relationships, platform technology, and data analytics to identify "off the run" properties that demonstrate compelling relative and absolute value.

Utilizing proprietary processes, we acquire, restructure and streamline operations at properties that are under-utilized or mismanaged, investing to maximize their potential and create positive environments. We do this while maintaining downside protection, with reasonable leverage and consistent cash flows.

We are defined by our unique culture - centered around young entrepreneurs making waves in an old industry.

We are demonstrably different from the majority of our private equity real estate peers, in that we deliberately and proactively seek to acquire buildings and invest in markets that are out-of-favor and further from recovery. We do so for the simple and time-tested reason that we can buy things cheaper and achieve much greater returns for our clients than by following the crowd and buying what and where everyone else is buying.

What’s Century’s edge? It’s quite simple really. We have designed search technology and methods that can source potential acquisition opportunities far in advance of our competitors. When complimented with our deep experience restructuring properties, both operationally and financially, we gain a competitive advantage.

Century analyzes opportunities from the perspective of an operator, not an investment fund manager. This differentiates us at a very fundamental level.